What is TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine (中醫 Zhōngyī)
Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, is a wholistic health care system that originated in mainland China. This system has been refined by thousands of scholars and has enjoyed government sponsorship for more than 2000 years. until the 20th century when the Republic of China tried to ban it in the 1920's.
Today in China, Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is in a crisis, struggling to become accepted in the eyes of the scientific world. At a TCM hospital in China they have all the modern diagnostic machines that their Alopathic counterparts have, even a surgical department.
Outside of China, Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is a major player in the world of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

To explain the entire Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM Health Care system in a single article is impossible. One anaolgy is to think of a tree with eight branches;
  • Meditation, proper breathing, (氣功 Qigong)
  • Exercise (导引 DaoYin ,TaiChi 太極, BaGua, etc..)
  • Diet - Medicated food therapy (药膳食疗yàoshàn shíliáo)
  • Cosmology - Astrology (占星)
  • Geomancy - Feng shui (风水)
  • Massage (推拿 Tuina), Cupping and (刮痧 GuaSha)
  • Herbology (中药)
  • Acupuncture and Moxibustion(針灸)
It is the Physicians job to educate to patient on proper care of this tree of health.
Eight is an important number in Chinese philosophical thinking, which will become more clear as you browse TCM-Herbs.com see TCM Theory and study the Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM health system.

One should take note that Herbs and Acupuncture are the last branches on the TCM Health Care tree, this is because any good Health Care system should not start with invasive treatment, but with education on taking care of ones earthly vessel.

Shen Nong

Li Shizhen

Ge Hong
The 3 Grand Masters of TCM Herbs
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